Kronenburg Management Systems

Software & firmware


KMS Software

The latest KMS software can be downloaded free of charge from our website.
The installation for computers up to Windows 11 can be performed without any problems.

For questions or problems with the KMS ECU software, please refer to the manuals for help and more information.


Description Version Download Note
Softw: MP25/MD35 Management (32-bit version) 4.26 zip file MP25 from nr: 330000
Softw: MP25/MD35 Management (64-bit version) 4.26 MP25 from nr: 330000
Softw: MP25 Management 3.22 MP25 until update: 3MA1AP_8
Softw: MA5 Management -  
Softw: MD35 Datalog interpreter 1,613  
File: Datalog example file    
Softw: Fuel 3.08  
Softw: Ignition 2.15  
Softw: ETC 1.03  
Softw: ETC DEMO VERSION 1.00 Only for offline use


KMS Firmware

Using the latest firmware for your KMS ECU and accessories increases reliability, uptime and performance.
Updating the firmware requires the use of the KMS Firmware downloader.
See our Tutorials for more information and help.

Download the correct firmware file below to update your firmware.
Unzip the downloaded file on your computer in the folder ‘KMS Firmware donwloader’
(If the KMS software is installed in the default way, this file is most likely located under C:/program files/KMS).
Open the firmware downloader program and click ‘OK’ or press ‘enter’ in the start screen,
the KMS Firmware downloader will appear in a few seconds.
Make sure that your computer is connected to the ECU (using the communication cable) and that the ECU is powered (ignition on) .
Click ‘Open file’ and select the downloaded firmware file.
The firmware files can be recognized by the first two characters in the file name:
  • Start MD35 files with 4M
  • MP25(M) and MA25(M) files launch 3M
  • FA23 files with 3F
  • IA23 files with 2I
  • ETC files with 1E
If necessary, set the correct comport at ‘Port settings’ in the KMS Firmware Downloader software.
Follow the on-screen instructions to successfully complete the firmware download!


Description Version Download Note
Software: Firmware Downloader 2.80  
Firmw: MP25 3MA1AP_8 From nr: 330000
Firmw: MP25 from update: 3MA1AP_8 3MA1AQ_10 Update to 3MA1AP_8 first
Firmw: MP25 from update: 3MA1AQ_10 3MA1AR_11 Update to 3MA1AQ_10 first
Firmw: MP25 from update: 3MA1AR_11 3MA1AS_2 Update to 3MA1AR_11 first
Firmw: MD35 4MA1AF_19  
Firmw: MD35 from update: 4MA1AF_19 4MA1AG_11 Update to 4MA1AF_19 first
Firmw: MD35 from update: 4MA1AG_11 4MA1AH_4 Update to 4MA1AG_11 first
Firmw: MD35 from update: 4MA1AH_4 4MA1AI_26 Update to 4MA1AH_4 first
Firmw: MD35 from update: 4MA1AI_26 4MA1AJ_6 Update to 4MA1AI_26 first
Firmw: MD35 from update: 4MA1AJ_6 4MA1AL_8 Update to 4MA1AJ_6 first
Firmw: MD35 from update: 4MA1AL_8 4MA1AM_26 Update to 4MA1AL_8 first
Firmw: Fuel 3FA1AD_8  
Firmw: Ignition 2IA1AC1AA_4  
Firmw: ETC 1EA1AB_4  


Windows Firewall

In some cases, the firewall blocks the KMS motor management software.
For the software to work properly, the firewall must allow the KMS Motor Management program
to communicate with the firewall.
For this to work, the firewall must you are logged in to your computer as an administrator.
Open Windows Firewall by clicking the ‘Start’ button, then select ‘Control Panel’,
then ‘Security’ and click ‘Windows Firewall’.
In the left box, click ‘Allow a program through Windows Firewall’.
You may be prompted for a password or permission after this.
Then select the box next to the KMS engine management program and click on ‘OK’.